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Computer Resources

We work with businesses to implement solutions that make sense. Below are links to computer solutions and resources we have found to be useful for managing and securing computer networking environments.


Spyware Protection . . .
  Spyware has become more than a nuisance for many companies. Spyware can allow others to track computer usage and keystrokes, but is usually noticed when it changes your browser default or search pages. In some cases the software installed by Spyware can slow down your computer and make it very hard to use.

There are several freeware solutions, such as Lavasoft's Ad-Aware, that can be used to manually scan for and remove Spyware.

Note: Find towards the bottom of the linked page.
Ethernet Wiring . . .  
  With the use of different Ethernet technologies and equipment (10Mbit to Gigiabit), how do you know what wiring you need? The Cat5e wiring standard has been commonly used in offices for years. Cat6 is a new standard that you should consider. For more information, check out this Cat5e and Cat6 comparison FAQ.
Wireless Networking . . .  
  - With wireless networking, one of the biggest problems is getting a strong enough signal from your wireless access point. MIMO is a technology that helps to resolve this problem. Read more about MIMO here. . .
  - After you setup your wireless networking in your home or small office, one of the first problems you face is printing to your printer that is not on the wireless network. Here are some solutions for this problem. . .
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