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What is an electronic Document Management System?
An electronic Document Management System works with your existing office and business applications to store documents a central location and index them for easy retrieval. They work with your existing computer network, and can be easily implemented into your existing environment.
What are the benefits of using an electronic Document Management System?

Document Management Systems provide an organization with the tools to create, manage, control, and distribute electronic documents. Some of the capabilities you get with a Document Management System include:

FIND... Find documents and files in seconds rather than hours.
SHARE... Allow more than one worker access to the same document at the same time.
VERSION... Version control gives you the ability to mange document changes and revisions--including going back to a previous version of a document.
CENTRALIZE... Store department or workgroup documents in a central storage area while still allowing for offline access.
SECURE... Set document security for who can view and update files.
AUDIT... Verify who viewed and made updates to documents.
ARCHIVE... Set retention periods for documents, and schedule archival or removal processes.
Can I access my Office documents remotely over the Internet?
Most Document Management Systems have a web interface that can be used to view or edit documents from a remote location. This allows you to view and download or upload documents while away from the office. Office documents can be viewed directly in a browser, without having the office applications installed on the remote PC. This also gives you the ability to grant clients limited access to certain documents.
How can I better manage my E-mail?
With the proliferation of E-mail messages, most office workers have developed a method of saving important E-mails in sub-folders. This causes disk-space problems for many users and Network Administrators. Document Management Systems (DMS) provide the capability to store important E-mail messages with your other business documents. In a DMS these E-mails can be indexed and related to other client or project documents, and then be archived or deleted following predetermined schedules / retention periods.
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