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Dignets is an Integrator of Document Management Systems (DMS)

Do You Need a . . . . Document Management System?

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Studies show that most office workers lose up to 500 hours a year looking for documents--on average, professionals spend 50% of their time looking for information.

The average organization:
  • Spends $20 in labor to file each document
  • Spends $120 in labor finding each misfiled document
  • Loses 1 out of every 20 documents
  • Spends 25 hours re-creating each lost document
The Gartner Group predicts that more than 90% of businesses will be using a Document Management System by 2007.......Will your company?

Did you know that approximately 73% of the information that a business runs on is contained in E-mails? An electronic Document Management System gives you the ability to easily store and index E-mails, and relate them to other documents or customer files.



Dignets is a Windham New Hampshire based company.