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Computer Networking and Application Integration Solutions that make sense

Our Integration Specialists have experience and certifications in the critical areas that make a difference in supporting your computer needs.

Do You Need Help With...

-  Networking Computers and Printers
-  Fixing Computer Problems
-  Installing / Upgrading Computer Equipment

Do you need a remote access solution for getting to data at the main office? Have your heard of Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and how it could be an affordable solution for this access? Let us help you learn if this is the right solution for your needs.

Are Your Current Computing Systems Protected From...

-  Computer Viruses, Worms & Spyware?
-  Hardware Crashes and Lost Data?
-  Unauthorized Access to your Systems?
Setting up, expanding, or moving your office  -  We can help you navigate through the Internet Service Provider (ISP), Telephone System, Email, and Web site technologies to find the best solutions for your organization.
 -  DSL or T1 . . . do you know the advantages and disadvantages between these two technologies for your office?
 -  ISP providers . . . there are some that provide very good service, and some that you may wish you hadn't trusted.
 -  Network and Telephone wiring . . . we provide competitive prices on wiring and related components.
 -  How many phones and what type of system is best for your office? We can help you find the best solution!
Document Management Solutions - Dignets provides professional services for integration solutions that work with your existing office and line of business applications. We are a reseller of Worldox, which is used worldwide in over 3,500 organizations, and provides one of the easiest and fastest ways to give your people the information they need to win!. Working with companies in the Legal, Financial, and Manufacturing industries, we have completed many types of implementations, including:
     -  DMS Implementations and Upgrades -  E-Mail / DMS Management Solutions
     -  Database Server Implementations & Upgrades -  DMS Internet Access Implementations
     -  Imaging Implementations  

We work with your existing Administrative personnel to plan effective and supportable solutions.

Dignets is a Windham New Hampshire based company.